Meet The Sleepy Kid Scientist Who Is Now One Of
The Most Brilliant Minds In Science Today

As this kid astrophysicist sleeps, her dreams are sending people to Mars. Today, her ideas in the waking world are propelling the field of science ahead faster than ever!

Never Waking Nightmare

Like most children, Lydia Browning always did her best to fight sleep. But unlike other kids, it was always a battle lost as her brain shut down randomly through the day. Her sudden waking seemed traumatic for the little girl as she woke with screams of distress and confusion.

Her disruptive and uncontrollable behavior made life difficult for those around her as well.

“We assumed this was normal childlike behavior”

“After all, little children do need a lot of sleep”

“At the time we thought maybe she was bored and restless”

“And preschool would help give her structure”

-Erin (Lydia’s Mother)

Misunderstood And Alone

But school only made things far worse for little Lydia. She was unable to make friends as the other kids were frightened of her when she was awake. Her mood swings were uncontrollable as was her body. There were times her knees would shake uncontrollably and her face twitched as she scream.

Her hallucinations frightened even her as she would see things from her sleep whilst awake.

Her teachers couldn’t understand what was wrong and assumed she was simply pretending for attention.

“The teachers would scold her every single time”

“Every day, she would come home with terrible reports”

“We tried being stern with her and teach her better”

“But she would cry and claim she was doing her best”


The Terrible Fall

Lydia’s parents were at a loss of what to do when a terrible accident occurred in school. Lydia had been climbing a flight of stairs when a familiar fog descended upon her mind. At the top of the stairs, she swayed for a brief moment before falling deep asleep where she stood.

Her schoolmates panicked when they saw Lydia fall over and some reached out to try and catch her but missed.

Lydia rolled straight down the long flight of stairs and landed on her head with a sickening crack.

In the chaos, an ambulance was called. Sirens blared deafeningly as the little girl was rushed to the hospital.

Both her parents were at work during the time when they received the most heart wrenching call. The pair rushed to the hospital as fast as they could, fearing the worst for their only child.

At the hospital, it was like the sight from their worst nightmare. Lydia laid unconscious in the cold hospital bed- her lovely hair shaved with stitches across the side of her head. They waited by her bedside for her to wake when the neurosurgeon entered.

A Sleepy Discovery

Dr. Alexander Hartman looked concerned as he explained.

“We performed a CT scan in order to assess the damage”

“We noted a brain abnormality not caused by the fall”

“Due to irregularities in her neuron patterns”

“Her brain is constantly signaling that she should be sleeping”

-Dr. Hartman

To remedy this, Lydia was prescribed medication however, it caused awful side effects. The medication gave her headaches and nausea during her waking moments but otherwise- it did nothing to stop her from her constant slumber.

There were days where she couldn’t even leave her own bed. Her parents kept her at home for her own safety, fearing that one day, she would simply fall asleep and never wake again.

The Ancestral Remedy

News about Lydia’s bizarre condition spread around town, reaching the ears of Dr. Hartman. The doctor reached out to the family again, this time offering an experimental treatment for their daughter.

Dr. Hartman had spent 30 years researching treatments of bygone eras and one such remedy came from the Ancient Greeks. It had been used by the greatest scholars of the age to fully maximize the potential of their brains. It helped keep them alert and focused for days at a time.

Mentions of this oil has appeared throughout modern history where it was last mentioned in 1680, in the diaries of Sir Isaac Newton. The genius used to sleep a maximum of 4 hours a day!

For ten years, Dr. Hartman has been working on the oil and offered Lydia a chance to try the latest prototype.

The Right Formula

Lydia’s parents were skeptical of this simple treatment but they were desperate for anything that could help.

Everyday, they daubed a few drops of the oil on her pulse points and the transformation was incredible!

For the first time in her life, Lydia was able to stay awake through the day. She was even alert as she read books and studied. At night as she laid in bed, her mind was filled with numbers and during the day, she saw formulas in everyday things.

Her newfound interest and brilliance in physics was staggering.

She has recently celebrated her tenth birthday but instead of a pizza party in a playground, Lydia is working hard on the space venture team. The very team of top scientists and engineers who are researching ways for mankind to inhabit the planet Mars.

Despite her age, she is well respected in the field of astrophysics, her IQ recorded at a staggering 201 points!

Lydia’s latest brain scan shows the difference with her neurotransmitters now 100x more active than before.

Birth Of Athera™

So just what is this miracle essence oil?

With Lydia’s success, Dr. Hartman has gone on to share his creation with the world.

Dubbed Athera™, the oil is derived from a rare peppermint plant found on a single island in Greece. The Ancient Greeks believed it was the home of Athena who was the Patron Goddess of Intelligence and Wisdom

Thanks to the unique climate and soil chemistry, the wild peppermint that grew there were entirely unique.

“When inhaled, essence molecules penetrate the brain”

“Within the brain tissue, it stimulates the neurons”

“Improving the neuron connectivity by up to 100x”

“The high-speed connection means faster processing of information”

“Very much like fast cars travelling along a highway”

“Are able to transport a larger volume of people”

“This boosts our brain’s mental capabilities”

“Leading to better memory, focus and even intelligence”

“As we age, the neurons naturally begins to decay”

“But the essence oil molecules combats this”

“By healing and repairing dying neurons”

“My decades of research were well worth it”

“It is true that our ancestors still have so much to teach us”

-Dr. Hartman

Waking The Brain’s Full Potential

To this day, Lydia swears by Athera™

“It feels so strange when I stop to think about it”

“A few years ago, I couldn’t even read or write”

“But today, I’m making calculations for better spacecrafts”

“And measuring the parsecs between the stars and planets”

“I still use Athera™ to this day since it helps me focus”

“It also let’s me think and solve problems faster”


Professor Elijah Brown, 68 is another happy user of Athera™

“As I aged, I realized I was beginning to forget things”

“Reading was difficult as well as I just couldn’t focus”

“It was embarrassing when my students pointed out my errors”

“I ended up retiring early from academia”

“How could I teach when I couldn’t even remember my works?”

“My daughter then got me a bottle of Athera™”

“I thought it was silly but humored her and tried it”

“Within weeks, I felt like my old self again”

“I could recall the tiniest details and remember all my syllables”

“It was easier than ever to keep up with the latest research as well”

“I owe everything to Athera™ and I’m so grateful”

-Elijah Brown, PhD

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